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“Don Justo Coffee with Dignity” is a registered trademark of Our Sister Parish.

Don Justo Coffee with Dignity (Don Justo) is produced in El Salvador exclusively for the Our Sister Parish mission. The coffee is organically grown on the hillsides of the mountain that is home to the cantons of Berlín. After picking, the coffee is sent to the toasteria in the town of Berlín, where the beans are hand-selected and toasted. Flavoring is added to some varieties. Some of it is ground and some left as whole beans. It is then hand bagged, with a full pound of coffee in each 1-pound bag. (5-pound bags and small sample packets are also available.) The Salvadoran workers who tend the coffee trees, pick the coffee beans and work at the toasteria are all paid fair wages.

The packaged coffee is then shipped to Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Indianola, Iowa, OSP’s coffee headquarters. From there the coffee is sold to individuals, churches and organizations. The churches and organizations then resell the coffee, at cost, to individuals or organizations local to them.

Everyone involved in distributing and selling the coffee in the United States is an unpaid volunteer, with the exception of the OSP Coffee Coordinator. The Coordinator is paid a small amount for each bag sold in compensation for overseeing the entire process. This includes ordering more coffee from the grower in El Salvador when needed, negotiating contracts with the coffee grower, monitoring coffee shipments, coordinating with the churches and organizations in the United States who buy and then resell the coffee, selling to individuals by mail, invoicing and tracking payments, keeping sales records, reporting to the OSP Board of Directors each month, working to enlist additional distribution organizations and itinerating about Don Justo Coffee and the OSP mission at churches.

All profits from the sale of Don Justo Coffee are sent to the Pastoral Team in Berlín to support mission projects.

Buying Don Justo Coffee is an easy way to provide fairly-compensated jobs in the Berlín area and support the work of the OSP mission through the profits that are generated.

Don Justo Coffee Coordinator
Renee Little

You may purchase directly through PayPal by clicking the Buy Coffee button or you may email us with your request at

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