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OSP Partner Organizations in the United States routinely send delegations to Berlín to increase their understanding of the realities of life in rural El Salvador and to maintain close friendships with their Salvadoran brothers and sisters.


OSP Partner Organizations in the United States send delegations to reunite with our brothers and sisters in El Salvador and learn, firsthand, about the realities of life in the cantons. These delegations fly to San Salvador where they are met by the OSP Mission Co-Worker, who acts as host and guide during the entire trip. Delegations visit key historical sites in San Salvador and other parts of the country. These visits help them understand the history of the people in the cantons and why living conditions are the what they are. The bulk of the delegation time is spent in the Berlín area. Delegations eat and sleep at the Pastoral House in the town of Berlín and make day trips out to the rural cantons in the Berlín area. They meet with the Directiva (community leadership) and visit homes, schools, and community projects. In the evenings they meet with the Pastoral Team, reflect on their day, check out the town of Berlin, and have some downtime.

Delegation Schedule

Reserved Dates in 2022:

06/27 - 07/05 Trinity United Presbyterian Delegation

10/31 - 11/02 Pastoral Team Unavailable

12/04 - 12/31 Pastoral Team Unavailable

Reserved Dates in 2023:

01/23-01/30 Southwest Partnership Delegation

04/02-04/10 Pastoral Team Unavailable

06/19-06/28 Heartland Presbyterian Delegation

10/31-11/02 Pastoral Team Unavailable

12/03-12/31 Pastoral Team Unavailable

Delegation News

Updated August 2022:  
OSP halted delegation visits in March 2020 when El Salvador closed it's borders. El Salvador re-opened its borders on September 19, 2020. But because of the continued high incidence of COVID-19 and the COVID-19 testing requirements for entry in both El Salvador and the United States, the OSP board did not feel it was prudent to resume visits at that time.  As of early June, 2022, neither El Salvador nor the United States requires COVID-19 testing for entry.  OSP resumed delegation visits on June 27, 2022.


Read more about COVID-19 in El Salvador and updates on travel information at the website of the U.S. Department of State:

Delegation Request

Kathy Bassett coordinates delegation dates with the Mission Co-Worker and the Pastoral Team. Fill out the following form to request delegation dates. Please be specific about the requested dates and fill out a separate request form for each delegation trip. Normally, at least 4 days should be allowed between the departure of one delegation and the arrival of another. Thank you!

Delegations Manual

See the Our Sister Parish: El Salvador Delegation Manual for information about El Salvador, travel to and staying in Berlin, and visiting communities.

Travel Protocol-COVID

Please read the OSP Travel Protocol document concerning COVID-19.

Thanks for submitting!

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