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Education & Scholarships

Wisdom makes one wise person more powerful than ten rulers in a city.
[Ecclesiastes 7:19]

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Many Berlín-area students cannot afford the pens, paper, uniforms, and materials for special projects needed to continue their education without financial assistance. For some students, the greatest obstacle is simply reaching the nearest middle school or high school if they live several hours’ walk away from the closest educational institution. These scholarships help to provide students with the opportunity to travel to school by car or to rent a room in downtown Berlín during the school week so that they can continue with their education beyond grade school.

Our Sister Parish also works to support education in Berlín in other ways. Working with partner churches and organizations, we have built schools in the communities of Tablón Cerna, Corozal, and Mediagua so that students can begin, or continue, their education closer to their homes.

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