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Other Projects

In addition to large-scale projects, The Pastoral Team assists the people in a variety of smaller works.


Funeral Support

  • Financial

  • Accompaniment of the  family


Food Relief

  • During drought years, or if the winds/weather ruin crops, partnerships provide a food basket with many of the basic food/hygiene items needed

  • Supported financially and technically with several slow drip irrigation garden projects


Catastrophe Relief

  • For example: if a family’s house burns down; the Pastoral Team helps to replace household items as well as provides emotional support

  • When a community is cut off from town due to flooding or landslides, the Pastoral Team has provided food relief



  • Financial support for needed medicines, special exams, or transportation to a hospital

  • Accompaniment of the family


Community Development

  • Bi-monthly meetings with community leadership; if a problem occurs in a community, they support each other with solution ideas.

  • When asked, the Pastoral Team will work with Directivas to support their efforts

  • The Pastoral Team has supported financially as well as logistically with the creation of formal Directivas which is a vital step for a community to be able to solicit any project or support from any NGO or governmental agency


Municipal Support

  • Purchased gas for the town’s ambulance

  • Provided transport to hospitals when the ambulance was not able

  • Provided support for the local Catholic Church for their food pantry

  • Provided funds to a community for road repair or retention wall creation/repair

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